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Dining at Jacksonville Beach

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Part of the fun of travel is great food. I must admit anytime I head south I find food just tastes great so we were already on the right path. We headed out for our family trip with my husband, son and daughter-in-law,  with ice on the ground, and a desire for sun and sea. Our […]

Dining at ZETA in Jacksonville Beach- Photo by Rose Hammitt

Sunny the Manager at ZETA took a minute to say hey and pose with me before my friend Rose and I headed out for our next adventure. We loved the environment of ZETA’s with a band playing great music in the background called Sax in the City, we dined on white garlic pizza and tried […]

Surfer statues at Jacksonville Beach's Latham Plaza

Part of the fun in traveling is the art and how it reflects the local culture. This statue provides a look at the surf craze on Florida’s Jacksonville Beach. From the distance, the statues appear to be real. When a bit closer it is clear that they are statues. Located at Jacksonville Beach’s Latham Plaza […]

Jacksonville Beach, a historic place

When walking the shores of Jacksonville Beach if you sit and watch the waves roll in it is easy to lose track of time and think about who has come and gone in this historic place. “We have seen lots of history here,” Dr. van de Gutche the Executive Director of the Beaches Museum said, […]

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We all have our favorite things we did over the past year. For me some of the favorite things I did was going up in a hot air balloon, take a ride in a biplane and two World War II planes.  I was an engineer on a steam train, went to the coolest auction ever, […]