Hamilton County Indiana

Divvy, a great dining place to Divvy it Up!

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The setting of Divvy’s already had me precluded to like it.  Located in the town of Carmel, Indiana which is a mix of urban and small town charm Divvy’s is part of an upscale neighborhood. Divvy’s restaurant has clean cool lines, is near statue lined streets, and offers a huge open air seating area topped off with a […]

The Museum of Miniature Houses and Other Collections, a magical place!

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I enjoy the farm toy hobby and after a visit to the Museum of Miniatures and Other Collectibles Inc. I have a whole new appreciation for the hobbyists that create these marvels.  I traveled with my mom, Lori Disque to Carmel, Indiana as part of a hosted trip to Hamilton County.  Elaine Mancini, Executive Director of […]