Divvy, a great dining place to Divvy it Up!

The setting of Divvy’s already had me precluded to like it.  Located in the town of Carmel, Indiana which is a mix of urban and small town charm Divvy’s is part of an upscale neighborhood. Divvy’s restaurant has clean cool lines, is near statue lined streets, and offers a huge open air seating area topped off with a fire pit.  Not far from the entertainment icon, the beautiful Palladium, Divvy is a place to “Sip, Share and Savor”.

On this hosted trip to Hamilton, County Indiana my mom, Lori Disque and I dined with founders of the Midwest Travel Bloggers Lisa Trudell and Sara Broers.  We decided to do exactly what the restaurant was designed for, Divvy up some small plates and share.  The menu has a wide variety of options with over 100 small plates in the range of $3.95-$15.95.  They offer, taster tours for wine, champagne, beer and port and plenty of options for special dietary needs including vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free. Being diabetic, I am appreciative of the dietary offers.

 The neighbors at nearby tables probably wondered what we were doing as we got out our phones and snapped pictures of the beautifully prepared small plates.

We loved the tasting option because there is always something you want to try, but hate to hang your entire dinner on.  I always joke that when dining and I see someone’s plate that looks divine, that I would like to say, “Can I just have a bite?”, at Divvy’s you actually can!

We ordered a wide variety of selections and it was fun because between the four of us, each had a different choice as our favorite.  The plates were beautiful, tasty and fun.  Our waiter was also helpful in selecting a variety that actually got us a somewhat balanced meal over all!

Divvy is lovely place to eat, with a great atmosphere, its quiet enough to visit, intimate enough to be romantic and sophisticated enough to sit and dine on your own with a newspaper if you chose.  On their website, owners Richelle & Kevin ‘Woody’ Rider sum it up, “All in all, one can expect the unexpected at divvy. “We want divvy to have a dining experience that you won’t find elsewhere,” said Kevin “Woody” Rider. While visitors to divvy may be dining there before or after a performance at the Palladium, the whole shared experience at divvy is intended to be a special event in itself. Patrons can enjoy enchanting views of the Palladium while gathering with friends – staying true to its tagline of “sip, share, savor.”

A true dining experience in a relaxed atmosphere!  Log onto http://www.divvycarmel.com/  for details!

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  1. Sara Broers

    Now I am hungry! I loved seeing you and meeting your Mom.

    1. Cindy

      Thanks, it was fun and great food!

  2. Lisa Trudell

    This was so much fun! I loved being able to share the small plates and try so many things. Let’s meet up and do it again.

    1. Cindy

      I would love that Lisa!