Oxnard california

Oxnard's Heritage Square!


During the North American Travel Journalist Association Conference (NATJA) at Oxnard, California we had an evening celebration at Oxnard’s Heritage Square.  This area of the Strawberry growing capital is lovely with an entire city block of relocated historic homes.   The square was created in1991 by the City of Oxnard and includes a beautiful former church […]

A Gondola Ride, Part of My Oxnard Experience!

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  Sometimes everything just comes together. The night of the Twitter chat for the North American Travel Journalist Association (NATJA) was one of them.  That night they were giving away prizes, and I won the big bonanza prizes of a ride on the Gondola Paradisio.  A Gondola Ride in the Channel island harbor what a […]

A Little Writing Education in Oxnard, California!

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Every once in a while it is good to learn a little about the craft.  I took advantage of a chance to attend the North American Travel Journalist Association’s (lovingly called NATJA) annual conference held in beautiful and historic Oxnard California along the Pacific central Coast.  What’s not to love about an organization that combines […]