Oxnard’s Heritage Square!

During the North American Travel Journalist Association Conference (NATJA) at Oxnard, California we had an evening celebration at Oxnard’s Heritage Square.  This area of the Strawberry growing capital is lovely with an entire city block of relocated historic homes. 

 The square was created in1991 by the City of Oxnard and includes a beautiful former church that is now a restaurant, a winery and more. Visitors can also take guided tours. The night we were there the square was alive with music, food and wine tastings and a couple of women in period costumes greeted us setting the tone.

 This historic city that was the selection for the NATJA is named for Henry Oxnard, a sugar beet magnate. There are several amazing museums in downtown Oxnard as well as the Oxnard Historic District, places for my list the next time around.

 heritage square

For now though, the beauty of Oxnard’s Heritage Square will linger with the mingling conversations of new and old friends, the lilt of the duo singing in the background and thoughts of Oxnard to file away.

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