Lakeshore Golf Course

Lakeshore Golf Course

I don’t often win things so when I do it is something to celebrate. Listening to my favorite radio station WMKR I won a round of golf and headed off to the course with my sister.

We chose an early morning tee-time and Lake Taylorville reflected the sun and the air was filled with the noise of waterfowl dipping in and out of the shoreline. Like my sister said about our game, “It wasn’t pretty, but it was fun”.

While most of my shots were hit or miss, I do have to brag about a shot from the edge of the green where I flipped the ball on and sunk the put. Never mind that it was with a one wood!

The chance to take a morning and spend time with a loved one a gas tank ride away is as the Visa commerical’s say, “Priceless”.

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