Have Wine in Paris tonight!

Have wine in Paris tonight, Paris, Tennessee that is!  Traveling to the Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Tennessee we came upon a lovely Italian villa built by the Ciarrocchi family.  The family has Italian roots and since the winery they built is located in Paris, they added a French connection.   Roger Ciarrocchi is a first generation Italian, who along with his wife Lisa and daughter Diana runs the Paris Winery.

The winery is located 85 miles north of Nashville.  Part of the fun in the town is that Paris lays claim as home of the world’s biggest fish fry!  The Ciarrocchi family opened their winery in 2008 and today they boast 26 different wines and an Italian bistro.

Lisa said.  “About five years ago now, Roger and I moved here to Paris”

The couple came to Paris in a roundabout way. They had been living in Florida, and Lisa said they kept having to evacuate and head north because of hurricanes.  “Roger has family in Missouri so we would go and stay with them traveling through and/or above Tennessee on our way in and our way out.  We always commented on how beautiful it was down there.”

The area reminded them of the hills of Tuscany they had visited in Italy and soon the family was buying land.  In May of 2005, Roger visited Italy and when he came home shared with his family that he wanted to plant a vineyard on his120 acres.  He told Lisa, “I’d like to make a little of our own wine and bring a little of Italy to Tennessee.”

They did just that.  We enjoyed our visit and dining experience.  Paris in the south is fun!  Located at 2982Harvey Bowdon Road, Paris, Tennessee, call731-644-9500 or log onto http://www.pariswinery.com for more information.


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