This is a replica of Loretta Lynn’s Butcher Holler home at her ranch in Hurricane,TN

Along the Tennessee River in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee is a beautiful spot, the Loretta Lynn ranch.  According to the guide Darlene at the ranch Loretta saw the property when she and Doolittle Lynn were out “courting”.  It was love at first site and the Lynn’s purchase included the entire town of Hurricane Mills and a grist mill and post office!

I visited along with my mom.  We are both fans of Loretta Lynn music and the tour offered a walk through her life.  The tour we took included Loretta Lynn’s Plantation style home along with a replica of the coal mine where her Ted Webb worked and a replica of her childhood home in Butcher Holler.  The real childhood home is in Butcher Hollow, part of Johnson County Kentucky and s just two miles southeast of the coal mining camp of Van Lear, Kentucky.  That is a stop we would like to make now that we have been to the ranch.  The replica of her Butcher Holler home that is open for tour at the Loretta Lynn ranch was used for the filming of the Coal Miner’s Daughter

One of the latest additions on the ranch is the Coal Miner’s Daughter museum that highlights the musical history of Loretta and her family.  The museum also highlights a tribute to Conway Twitty her co-singer on many songs.  “With over 100 albums she is the Lady of Country Music,” the ranch guide Darlene summed up.

The Loretta Lynn ranch is a place to camp, stay in a cabin and enjoy outdoor activities like horseback riding, 4-wheeling, hiking and more.  The ranch is located 65 miles west of Nashville and tours are available on hourly intervals 9 – 5 daily.  Log onto or call 931-296-7700 for details.

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  1. Adam Sommer

    Looks gorgeous! I was just in Nashville and didn’t make it this far out, but next trip I’ll have to give it a try 🙂