Rock N Roll McDonald’s, Commercialism at its best

Rock N Roll McDonald's, Commercialism at its best

While I don’t go looking for McDonald’s, ma and pa homestyle is more my style, I have to admit the Rock N Roll McDonald’s in downtown Chicago caught my eye. Something about a two story Mac’s with soaring golden arches and a bit of luxury mixed with fast food made my husband and I walk through the door.

This was by far the most luxurious Mc Donalds I have ever seen. The two-story fast food joint had escalators going up and down and mini museums showing Mc Donald’s history inside. Located at 600 N Clark St (between Ohio St & Ontario St) this iconic restaurant was created by a former McDonald’s CEO and has just about any historical McDonald link you can think of inside.

Ironically the Rock N Roll McDonalds is located across the street from a Hard Rock Café. While the food is typical on the second floor they offer treats like cheese cake, lattes, gelato and biscotti. Outside there are great statues where tourists can take pictures and take in the whole McDonald’s persona.

Built in 1983 this is one of the most famous McDonald’s locations in the world and one of the busiest. The restaurant will hold 300 and features the two-lane McDonald’s drive-through. The restaurant is one of the highest priced McDonald’s which while that is a pain when paying it is understandable when viewing the interiorr which includes numerous plasma display flat screen televisions and expensive Italian lighting. The building features a pair of 60 foot arches and two stories worth of windows that weigh 800 pounds apiece. It has 10 cash register stations and three front walls of glass.. Like one of the reviewers said, “The food is just McDonald’s, but you have to give tribute to the building.”

Very true, go Golden Arches!

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