Ghost Tour St. Augustine Style!

Ghost Tour St. Augustine Style!

Without a doubt there are enough stories and history in the oldest city in America to come up with several haunted stories to “shiver me timbers” on the most dedicated cynic. Admitedly not believing in ghosts, my husband and I set out on the “Trolley of the Doomed” on the Ghosts & Gravestones Trolley Tour in St. Augustine with another couple we met at the wonderful, St. Francis Inn.
While we didn’t meet up with any ghoulish companions, we heard a lot of stories that coincided with those our guide on the trolley tour shared. As long as taken with a grain of salt, this was a fun tour to wrap up our trip. The highlight was the end at the Jail museum where we were greeted by a ghostly costumed jailbird who shared his story

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  1. Charlotte Wohler

    Once again, you have helped me reflect: our trip to St. Augustine. We loved the history of this beautiful city. And, we visited most of the same sites you have posted. Where are the ‘Fountain of Youth’ photos? 🙂 We loved the fort!! We foundd it amazing how something so old still stands for all to see. I am very grateful that we have preservationists!!! (you know why I say that, don’t you!)
    Thank you for a nice memory recall.
    Charlotte W.

  2. Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl

    Thank you for your kind words. We didn’t rode by the Fountain in the trolley, but ran out of time to stop! This is a fantastic place to stop and revisit history not often thought about.