Newbold Farm’s – a John Deere tractor experience

Newbold Farm's - a John Deere tractor experience

Like John Deere tractors? So do I! At this year’s Florida Flywheeler show, Clem Newbold shared his museum that focuses on the three farms he grew up on and his collection of John Deere Two Cylinder tractors. As a boy, Clem Newbold’s life as a child revolved around Crosswicks, Gate Farm and Dingleton Farm.

Clem started collecting JD tractors after spying a JD LA in a fence row one day. Since then he has been on a mission to share details of JD 2-cylinder tractors. ” I want to try to show how the two-cylinder engine design was efficient and that John Deere made cost effective machinery.”

Why John Deere? In part because of his unique family connection.“My cousin, Richard Calhoun married D.D. or Demarius Deere Wiman, John Deere’s great- great- granddaughter.”

It is hard to get better JD credentials than that!

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  1. Second Hand Tractors

    Very cool, shame we’re in the UK, would love to have a look round if we’re ever in the States