St. Louis Zoo – Feeding of the Penguins

St. Louis Zoo - Feeding of the Penguins

My visit to the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago was wonderful, but one thing was missing. They have closed the penguin exhibits so I didn’t get my penguin fix. This past week though I headed south to the St. Louis Zoo and arrived just in time to see the penguins and puffins being fed.

Swerving to miss visiting school children I scooted my way up front just like a little kid to watch the penguins waddle and hop their way to the young woman doling out dinner. It was a fun site that made everyone watching smile. The tuxedoed birds took it all very seriously and paid us all no heed.

At the zoo, I was also able to see a brand new exhibit, the Sea Lion Sound which has been combined with the popular Sea Lion Basin and Sea Lion Show. Set on 1.5-acres the new exhibit offers visitors a walk through an underwater tunnel into the sea lions’ habitat to see the animals swimming all around them! Zoo information shares, “This $18 million, 1.5 acre exhibit offers a naturalistic setting for the animals in a landscape inspired by the Pacific Northwest coast.”

The St. Louis Zoo offers more than 800 species represented on 90 beautifully landscaped acres. The zoo is located in the historic Forest Park which is filled with a variety of stops that can keep you busy all day or weekend. Admission to the zoo is free with a charge for some of the shows and attractions. If you have kids age eight or older there is a very cool sounding background tour that sounds amazing! Check out this website and the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission’s website for more information.

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