Beautiful Round Barn

Beautiful Round Barn

I read that at one time the Hoosier state of Indiana had more round barns than any other state. The article shared that they once had around 225 round barns and that now there are fewer than 100 left in the state. Every farmer and lover of barns knows how rare these beautiful buildings are and that they should be cherished. I was pleased to have the chance to tour the Fulton County Round Barn Museum which is also known as the Leedy/Partridge/Paxton Round Barn because it was built by Bert Leedy.

When looking up in the center of the barn, the true beauty of the architecture is revealed. History of the barn said that the wooden part of the barn was built by the C. V. Kindig Construction Company after Bert Leedy lost his rectangular barn to a lightning strike in September of 1924.

This living architectural and agricultural history was moved onsite and restored in 1990-1991. The barn is filled with all things about farming like antique machinery and tools and such. If you are ever in the area, take the time to stop in. Besides the barn and Fulton County museum, there is also the William Polke house which served as a stage coach inn until after the Civil War and more. There is a general store, dentist and doctor office, train depot and other interesting stops.

For details, log onto the Fulton County Museum and Living History Village ( or for more history about the barn check out

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