Band Stand at Praire Land Heritage Museum

Band Stand at Praire Land Heritage Museum

It is rather beautiful, this bandstand that is part of the grounds of the Prairie Land Heritage site. While visiting the fall steam show, I was struck again by how lovely this structure is.

The bandstand was one of three. It was built in 1878 or 1879. The bandstand sat on the grounds of what was later called the Jacksonville State Hospital. The website shares, “The Hospital was then a self-contained city with over 100 buildings and everything needed to sustain life and provide protection and services, including a complete carpenters’ shop…”

There were originally three bandstands where patients, staff and members of the town of Jacksonville would play. The bandstand was on loan to the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian.

With a lot of time and effort, the bandstand was rebuilt then returned to Jacksonville where visitors can enjoy the amazing woodwork.

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