da Vinci exhibit an amazing visual

Davinnci exhibit an amazing visual

I was not expecting to see an exhibit of works by Leonardo da Vinci at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Birmingham, Alabama. Walking through the exhibit I learned that da Vinci was not just a painter and inventor, but a scientist, engineer, sculptor, anatomist, biologist, musician, architect, philosopher. In the words of the da Vincci exhibit, “… Leonardo da Vinci was all of these things and more.”

Seeing creations from a man born in 1452 come to life from his codices, tiny notebooks where he jotted down his drawings and writings, was amazing. Like da Vinci, the exhibition creators used technology and a bit of interpretation to bring his ideas that had never been more than a thought on paper to life.
Above is a recreation of his tank idea, many of the items are based on weaponry, a topic I had not associated with da Vinci before.

The exhibit is a must see if you get the chance. While this exhibit was in Huntsville, it is moving March 2nd. Check out http://www.davincithegenius.com/traveling-exhibition.php to find out where the exhibit will travel next. I just wonder what da Vinci would think of his ideas brought to life.

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