Pearl Harbor, the Ultimate Sacrifice

Pearl Harbor, the Ultimate Sacrifice

I have read all about it,
Seen the movie and heard the tales
But it never made the impact, the true sacrifice
until I stood at Pearl Harbor
And saw the fuel that still seeps
From where the Arizona went down.

I Read the words of our boys in blue
That were attacked on a sunny day,
So unaware that their world was about ready to fall apart.

Those that survived the air raid
Were soon to be thrust into battle
Risking all
Giving all
So that we may be free.

The flag over Pearl Harbor flew high
on that January day I was there
The Red White and Blue
against an azure sky.

The memorial says so much
And says so little
But how can you coherently say thank you
To those that served then
And that serve now.

Simply I guess all I can say is thank you
Your sacrifice allows me
to write what I want, say what I want
And praise my God without fear.

Pearl Harbor may be in the past
But it should never be out of mind.

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