Charlotte Lane a refeshing stop in a historic town

Charlotte Lane is a bit whimsy, charming and chocked with great food. One of the best aspects on being on a travel trip is the food and that is certainly true of Chef Roland Glauser, a Swiss chef who immigrated to Shelburne, Nova Scotia. Chef Roland and his wife Kathleen who is also part of a singing group “Naming the Twins” is a delightful couple that offer up fine fare and good company while you shop around their eclectic gift and craft shop.

We started out our many- course-meal with eggplant picata and a few other inspired appetizers. Throughout the meal the food was paired with Nova Scotia wines and there was not a thing I didn’t like but I was especially enamored with the Garlic Scallop Linguine and the Peanut Butter Cream Pie!

At the end of the meal we were graced with entertainment by “Naming the Twins”, this meal was a highlight of the trip and I recommend a stop here anytime!

Charlotte Lane has been voted 2013 and 2011 Best small restaurant of Nova Scotia. These are just a few of the awards this small restaurant has received. Tucked back in a lane on Charlotte Street, the name makes sense in this town that is steeped in Loyalist history. After the Revolutionary War, many loyal to the United Empire under King George arrived in ships from New York City quickly expanding the population of this small coastal town. Charlotte Lane fits right into the historic vibe offering a refreshing bit of color and taste!

More information about the café can be found online at

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  1. Michelle Jacklyn

    I agree. I am from Shelburne Nova Scotia, but working in Toronto. I travel many times a year back to my home, and stop each and every time at Charlotte Lane!!