The Saint Louis Zoo was a wrap

The Illinois State Fair is here, my husband is getting the combine ready for harvest and the tomatoes are ripe, this all means summer like a full moon is beginning to wax and wane. For a last hurrah with the grandkids my daughter and I headed down to St. Louis Zoo.

The first stop on the horizon was the Sea Lion show. I think Lilly must have been thinking of Disney World and the characters who sang and danced with a lot of flash. She was not duly impressed with the tricks of the sea lions. Her comment to my daughter was, “This is not the show I expected.”

The elephants, statues and other interactive items and especially the train though did live up to expectations. Voted (by someone they claimed over the loud speakers) the best zoo in the world recently, the St. Louis Zoo offers art, statues, animals, architecture, horticulture and even unique gifts. My grandson Cade was quite enamored with the binoculars and if I could have bought some without him knowing it, that would have been one less present down the road.

This week was “shark week” at the zoo and my husband Keith has been keeping up with statistics on the shark attacks. Quite convinced that too many dips in the ocean will result in a lost limb, I tried to buy a shark head on a stick, but they were sold out.


The zoo is a magical place with animals I had never heard of. Keep it on your list if you live in the Midwest!

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