Sam Hunt, Dan & Shay and Hunter Hayes, plus the Illinois State Fair!

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A night out at the Illinois State Fair always spells the end of summer for a farm girl.  This was kind of a last hurrah, a fun concert and walk through the grounds with my friend Rose before harvest time.  Our first stop was the Illinois Lottery where Rose everything out.  We entered the sweepstakes and I won a $2.00 on a scratch off ticket, the night was off to a good start.

After a few stops at the butter cow, a chance to pet a rabbit in the petting zoo and a sit on a funny stool with legs  and a stop at the vintage ag display we made our way to the grandstand where I settled in to tweet about the concert. This was my first time blogging about a concert; it has been a great experience.  Loving country music as I do, a chance to combine two favorite things, writing and music was a win/win.

First up was newcomer Sam Hunt.  “I really liked his music,” Rose Hammitt said at the end of his set.

A Georgia boy is both a singer and song writer.  His work encompasses both country and hip-hop giving him his own style.  He has written songs sung by Kenny Chesney, Billy Carrington and the latest “Cop Car” by Keith Urban.  Last night he brought his own special style to Springfield and had the crowd swaying to “House Party”.

Next up were the Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney that comprise the duo Dan &Shay.  The two are famous for the debut singles “19 You + Me” as well as other songs.  Meeting at a house party at Smyers home in Nashville, the two have only been writing and producing music together since 2012.

The two young men like Hunt are both singers and songwriters and the crowd responded to their rock/country sound.  “I love their harmony,” Rose added enjoying their combined talents.

The Springfield listeners raised their voices and put their hands together in appreciation when the premier act singer/songwriter Hunter Hayes came on stage.  Sitting next to Rose and I was an attorney from New Orleans who came to visit his daughter.  He was a very interesting fellow and said that Hunter Hayes was from a town near New Orleans Louisiana called Breaux Bridge.

It is a small world!

Hunter Hayes began his session with rousing numbers that brought many to their feet and showcased his amazing talent with his guitar solos. The highlight of his performance for me was how humble he was and his song “Invisible” where the lyrics were so encouraging everyone to follow their dreams.  “I am a geek and a nerd and I always will be,” Hayes said on stage.

The singer is a true inspiration.  “I think he is a great role model for young people today,” Rose said.

All in all, it was a good night and this was just one of the amazing concerts that is part of the Illinois Lottery’s Anything is Possible Media Series.  For more information about the series, check out

By the way, I did manage to be good and bypass the highest caloric fair food.  I succumbed to popcorn, but hey, I was at a show!