Eudora Farms adds a bit of exotic to the Illinois State Fair


Horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and goats may be the mainstay at the fair, but Eudora Farms from South Carolina (near Aiken) had an array of exotic animals that kids and adults alike could enjoy up close and personal. This was one of my favorite stops at the fair. Located in the former Happy Hollow, I along with my mom Lora Disque perused animal after animal.

Mark Nisbest said that Eudora Farms has been open a little over 20 years. “We started out using miniature donkeys for our personal use. Then we got a Watusi cow and friends started coming over to see them. Sunday school groups wanted to see them then it led to a pumpkin patch and tours in wagons, then came a camel and now people ask us to do events.”

The mission at Eudora Farms is “to present an educational and interactive animal adventure like no other. Everything from Antelope to Zebra roams our countryside setting and we want to share our experience and the beauty of these animals with as many visitors as possible. Education is the key to preserving these animals for future generations to enjoy.”

With over 200 animals at their farm, the Nesbit family brings animals to events like the Illinois State fair for visitors to enjoy. Many enjoyed feeding some of the animals like the giraffe who Nisbest said is their rock star. Besides the close up interaction, there are signs that share information about animals not often seen on the North American continent. For more information on Eudora Farms check out their website at

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