Portland, a rainy oasis of tractors and stuff!

When we went to the spring swap meet it rained, and when we went to the late summer tractor show it rained. There must be something about the Tri State Gas Engine and Tractor Show that draws moisture out of the skies.  Before we went we went online to check the weather, there was an 80% chance of rain, but we decided to brave it.  The show was held August 20-24th and we arrived the morning of the 22nd after a 3-4 inch rain.

Keith sacrificed his rubber boots for my greater good and I duck walked looking a bit like Bozo the clown into the mire. Rain gear was only needed during the early hours.  After the sun came out and walking for about an hour we got the golf cart out and played mug bog in the rain soaked paths.

Ford was the featured brand at what is touted as the largest tractor show in the nation.  John Bensyl, a Ford collector from Penfield, Illinois was helping out in the Ford tent and said that as of Friday they had over 200 Fords at the show with more still to come.  There were many unusual Fords and Keith and I were fascinated with the crawler versions.

The beauty of this show, weather withstanding is the great variety of things you see.  From golf carts filled with a million people plowing through the mud to a Happy Farmer, Minneapolis Moline UDLX and a Ford Gold Demonstrator, there is something for everyone that likes old iron. 

The show was a break before the combine starts rolling and a chance for one on one time with the hubby before the long hours make conversations hurried “bring me this” and “I need that” those phrases that document the days of harvest.  So, when he said “Let’s go” I was all in before we get too tired and are all out!Log onto http://www.tristategasenginetractor.com/index.php for more information.





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