Murals, art in unexpected places.

Downtown Springfield has an art program that I am loving. They are adding murals like this of Lincoln the Surveyor at various buildings adding a touch of art to the downtown capital. The Artification project began in 2013 as a cultural endeavor. The city used local artists to create the murals that hopefully attract tourists to stop and visit Springfield sites.

My first real notice was of the Vachel Lindsay flower that accompanied a poem he wrote for the commemoration of the Panama Canal. While this has nothing to do with the mural project, the flower high on the wall on a recent cold, snowy, windy day in downtown lifted my spirits. It was then that I noticed the cool Surveyor picture and wondered how many others I have missed along the way. Art has a way of lifting the spirits and making you think creative thoughts.

For details on the project and its roots, log onto I just wanted to pass along the beauty of the downtown murals and pass along the thought of keeping your eyes open to beauty like that and raise a glass to local artists bringing beauty in unexpected places.

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