Remember the Tourism Bureau

I am just finishing up a story about a tourism bureau and am reminded of all they have to offer. When planning trips this summer, don’t forget the visitor’s guides both in paper and online form. If you have a particular area you want to travel to, think about using the tourism guide calendar, there are a lot of festivals and events that may be the deciding factor when planning your getaway. Looking at the Tourism Bureau Illinois South I was amazed at all the homes offering unique architechture namely French. Having a bit of French history myself, I want to head out and see it all.

The guides offer phone numbers, addresses etc. While it is a blast to just jump in the car and head out, if you are like me and enjoy seeing out of the way sites, keep in mind that they are often manned by volunteers and have restricted hours and may just be open by hook and crook or a direct appointment. My mom and I just completed a business trip to Madison for her and planned to stop at two sites along the way. I neglected to call before leaving and just did while enroute only to find that one wasn’t open for months yet and the other was closed for cleaning. So do as I suggest, not as I did and call and plan ahead for the best results!

Happy tourism travels!


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