Traveling Tips from friends, family and the experts

Planning on taking a trip? Taking a page from others, I asked around on what other travelers do to enjoy their trips. Friends and relatives on Facebook mentioned planning ahead and scheduling tours while others liked taking the road less traveled just getting in the car and going without a destination in mind. I myself am a planner and like to have a rough draft etched out of who, what, when and where and then be flexible ready to stop at the first interesting road sign.

However as my husband points out, I have a tendency to over plan sometimes making a trip seem more like a work trip than a fun trip. He likes a bit more spontenaity and a little fewer appointments although I must say we have seen some amazing things and done some cool stuff by calling ahead and setting things up. He is right though for a kick back and relax but still see things kind of trip, some of the travel bloggers below offered up a bit of information I need to adhere to.

For those with kids or just are a bit up in years and need an afternoon siesta, this advice will come in handy. “Plan driving during nap time and most of all take it slow – no need to see everything in one day (enjoy your trip, don’t rush). Act as if you will be back to the destination many times – not once in a lifetime. When I have that mentality I tend to slow down and enjoy more,” advised Midwest Travel Blogger Adam Sommer.

Blogger Alison Dix said, “Plan activities and down time, and then see what you are feeling like rather than planning your whole schedule.”

She said she is like I am and like to go, go but her spouse likes resting on vacation and following this helps balance things out.

I guess the bottom line is take a look at your traveling partner or if going solo think “What do I want out of this trip?” then plan accordingly!

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