Products to ease life on the road

While traveling it is often easy to not take care of your skin. I try to always wear sun block and wear a hat and protect myself when out in the sun, but when enjoying the sites it is easy to overlook. When I got a chance to try a few cool products from Carapex I jumped at it.

The Canadian product arrived in the mail just after I returned from a beach trip. I almost jumped with joy when I saw the Super Moisturizing Butter Cream for feet the product advertises that it will heal cracked heels, dry feet and chapped skin. The product is comprised of Shea butter and cocoa Infused with green tea and aloe this was just what the doctor ordered for my sand battered feet. While on my trip I had used beach shoes and the sand had rubbed a sore on my foot and since I am diabetic this could potentially be a big deal. As soon as I got the Carapex cream I started using it and after a couple days the dry skin and the sore were pretty much gone. My husband has used this as well and thinks it has made a difference on his feet as well.

With so much walking when traveling, I have learned good shoes, and foot care is paramount to a good trip and I must say the Carapex products have fit the bill.

The other product I tried was Carapex Facial Brightening Cream, Natural Whitening Face Cream for Sensitive Skin. The advertisement states “We use new botanical extracts that are just as effective as kojic acid but without the toxicity. This cream is suitable for any uneven skin tones, including age spots, liver spots, freckles, sun damage, acne marks, scars, skin discolorations and birthmarks, as well as to simply gradually lighten your skin for a cleaner, more youthful look.”

With being a “mature adult” over time skin tones have become uneven and this has helped even out the skin tone and I even had one person tell me, “Your skin looks amazing”, which was a boost. Another boon to this product is that this product has no added perfumes or dyes.

I liked the products enough that I just got online at and ordered a second round to share with my mother who likes to travel and walks everyday as well. Thank you Carapex for introducing me to these and allowing me a chance to see how well they work for this traveling farm girl!

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