Celebrating the Blue Moon – backyard party sytle.

I love the phrase, “Once in a blue moon” and with the grandkids heading our way tonight we are going to have a blue moon party. Load them up in the gold cart and head around the farm yard to get the best view of this astronomical sign. Until my daughter-in-law explained that it is the fourth full moon in a month, I had just thought the moon was, well, blue!

The science behind it is all based on the astronomical calendar. The time and date website http://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/moon/blue-moon.html shared the definition, “The correct, original definition is that a Blue Moon is the third full Moon in an astronomical season with four full Moons. A normal year has four astronomical seasons – spring, summer, fall (autumn), and winter – with three months and normally three full Moons each. When one of the astronomical seasons has four full Moons, instead of the normal three, the third full Moon is called a Blue Moon.”

When the moon appears blue, the reason is not very romantic, it is because of dust particles in the air from things like a fire or volcanic eruption. The blue moon though is quite rare and I think worth celebrating! It won’t come around again for quite sometime so think about what you may want to do to celebrate this sign.

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