Red Combines 1915- 2015 a great read while you ride

Hitting the road soon?  If so, consider Octane Press’s new book Red Combines 1915-2015 to take along while you wile away the miles!

Since I have worked with Octane Press before and author Lee Klancher on another product I had the opportunity to review his new book Red Combines 1915- 2015.  Loving farming and old iron, this was the perfect blend of coffee table book with the glorious pictures and history book of the machinery that I love.  Klancher along with Gerry Salzman, Ken Updike (who I know from Red Power magazine), Gregg Montgomery, Martin Rickatson and Sarah Tomac weave together the story of the harvest from the days of horses to present day.

My favorite aspect of this book is the way Klancher ties in stories of real people that farmed, you get a personal aspect that makes the history real in a way that just providing the production facts could never do.  Then there are the facts and they are quite interesting on their own with the harvester wars and the ads all brought to life in print and with many images from the Wisconsin Historical Society archives.  The pictures are the crowning glory to the book providing the machinery at work and sharing the technical story of how and why the machines are able to harvest the bounty that American farmers bring to the table.

Great read for the road or any other time!

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