Detamoso Watches hit home run!

German based Detamoso watches are a man’s man watch.  The watch is no light weight.  I received the wonderful Machineer model from this Detamoso, a German company, to review.  I was interested in the watch because when traveling it is important to be on time so I always enjoy wearing a watch to keep myself on track between stops.

The watch since it is a man’s watch was passed along.  My husband is a farmer and needs a light weight time piece since he works around machinery all the time, but the watch was a perfect fit for my nephew who is a beverage manager at a local country club.  Brian Salisbury has his own hip fashion sense and enjoys wearing a watch as a statement piece.  “I like the heavy watches with big faces like this,” Brian said.

It is easy to see the workmanship that went into this lovely time piece.  Detamoso is a fairly new company founded in 1993. On their website watches are profiled as, “DETOMASO watches: a thrilling combination of the power of motorsport and the passion of Italy.”

If looking for a watch with accuracy, precision and style Detomaso will have one that will fit the bill! Brian said, “I love this one, it is a perfect fit for my lifestyle!”


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