Trucks were big at the Half Century of Progress

Farm equipment comes in all makes and models and types and one of the most important pieces of machinery on the farm is the truck. Whether talking grain truck, pick up or farm jeep, the truck is the backbone of farming operations, getting the farmer and his or her crops from place to place.

Mike and Edna Wallace of Danville, Indiana had their beautiful 1953 ¾ ton Chevy 3600 that was fully restored.  Mike calls his truck, “Wally’s Folly”, but there is nothing mistaken about the truck that is finely tuned and great looking.

“I am from Danville, Indiana and I found the truck in Indiana,” Mike said.  “It had a grain bed that was foot longer than this.  I built the bed out of native Indiana yellow poplar. The truck has original tires.”

“I bought the truck in 2009,” Mike added.  “Four and a half years later I got it out of the body shop.  I built the bed in 2009.  The truck has original headlights but I had to replace this and that. I reupholstered the seats in the original colors.”

One of Mike’s cool finds was a Chevy truck manual for 1929-1953 truck models.

Mike and Edna’s truck sat among a bevy of beautiful trucks.

We had fun also checking out John Baum’s converted van which serves as a hauling vehicle and RV! This was just another thing to see and do at the 2015 show.


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