Pulling fun!

This past weekend I was working on a story about pulling tucks and tractors at the National Farm Machinery Show for Farm World. I had the chance to interview a couple young women that pulled.  Patricia Justison from the Hillsboro area  (in the picture below with my brother-in-law Wayne) and Bethany Nelson from Altamont, Illinois.


The interview was eye opening seeing the machinery and the dedication it takes to be part of this sport was amazing.  These young women are part of an adventurous breed of pullers that are family oriented, farm loving individuals who had great stories.

The pullers seem to travel with their families and many claim the pullers and their families as extended families.  The family aspect speaks home to me because my husband Keith and his brother Wayne and I loaded up and headed out across the snowy Illinois landscape for these interviews allowing the three of us a bit of family time together

We are amazed by the size of the machinery and the dedication these pullers have to their hobby.  Bethany Nelson pulls with her husband and they along with their three children will be at Louisville where Bethany and Jared Nelson will both be competing.


Both young women were raised on the farm and Patricia continues to work on the farm.  She came home after college and put her new skills to work on the Justison farm which is just a short drive away from where we live.

Jared and Bethany run a trucking operation and as we left the homes of both pullers I think my brother-in-law said it best, “I don’t know how they have the time to get anything done.”

Youth I think was my answer.  Anyway, both young women let me sit in the hot seat so I could see what it would feel like to pull.corn fed.JPG

While I don’t see myself hurtling down the track anytime soon, I went home with a picture of cheering crowds calling out my name! Thank you Patricia and thank you Bethany for letting me dream.

Cheer on both young women at the Farm Machinery pull if you go and watch for my story in the Farm World National Farm Machinery show supplement out right before the show debuts