Family travel- generations of fun


A family vacation, a generational trip takes on a different meaning that traveling with your children or your parents when they are young. A recent trip with my son and his wife and one this spring with my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren offered insights into the lives they lead together minus us. We learned what a good father my son-in-law was, how my daughter-in-law takes such good care of my son. We saw the humor and the way they handle one another and how kind they were to us. This was just a few of the benefits of generational travel.


The trip in May was to Tybee Island Georgia. We stayed in a condominium that my daughter found and spent some days together and others just the two of us, my husband and I touring around Savannah. We spent time with the grand children and individual time me with my daughter and Keith with my son-in-law.

Privacy is a must, everyone needs some alone time on a generational vacation even though I must say when I travel with my mom we don’t need that division, but it is a different element than when spouses are involved.

The south and the beach seems to be our go to place. With our son this last week we left the snow covered fields of Illinois and headed to Jacksonville Beach’s lovely Casa Marina hotel where we found peace from the decisions that seem to require so much time after the harvest. Since Keith and my son Jason work together on the farm, the stress went both ways, how much grain to sell, how much to haul and what tax decisions need to be made before they have to be paid at the end of February.

The ocean and the quiet dignity of the Casa Marina did it’s job of turning my families focus on the ocean, the sun and the amazing view this historic hotel has to offer. Tybee Island was a summer trip. With the beach and the ocean warm enough to play in, the waves and the laughter of our grandchildren tightened our family bonds and melted us like butter in a hot pan when our grandson or grand daughter smiled and said “I love you Grandma and Papa”. Everything else fell away but playtime and making memories with them and our daughter in Tybee and son in Jacksonville Beach.

IMG_3174 (3)

Seeing the love between husband and wife in both cases filled our hearts with joy and made us ready for round two some time in the future if they will have us. In the meantime, my mom and I and my youngest daughter Allie are getting out the map and planning another generational getaway, making memories that time won’t erase.

This past year I lost my father and we lost a woman that was like a second mother to us. More and more I realize the importance -the essence of the sand through the hour glass effect- making me take that time whether you are talking an afternoon walk, a weekend trip or a weeklong Florida getaway.

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