Fun at health fairs, the Senior Celebration- (could I be becoming my mother?)

Okay, I am officially my mother.  When I was working at the Illinois Emergency Management Agency(IEMA) I used to set up with a booth about radon at the Senior Celebration.  Always a great opportunity for screenings and information about everything from home health care to travel, I encouraged my mom to come out. She and several of her friends made it an annual event.  This year, my friend Janna Seiz and I joined their ranks looking over items, picking up literature and taking a bone density and cholesterol screening with the best of them.  Yes, I am officially my mom.

For years I have been writing about the Senior Celebration for Senior News &Times and I have even attended to take pictures and write follow-up stories.  This year though was different, I was looking at the celebration as a chance to write about a variety of ideas, but also as someone who appreciates knowing about health issues more than in years before.

We took in the celebration, we ate lunch and we were home before two.  Don’t overlook the health fairs and informational sessions in your back yard.  It is amazing how much information is packed into this venue that took place at the Orr Building on the Illinois State Fair Grounds. They collected a can for a selected food pantry, offered entertainment(see dancers in the picture below) and we learned a lot in a short period of time.

On the way out, my editor Linda Keeler from the Senior News and Times said, “Oh by the way, your mom was looking for you!”

Seems I was longer than she was, who knew!

!senior celebration

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