Graham Bradley’s are returning to Penfield in 2016


We have all been bandying about the term, “Back to where it all began” because it is true, it was 2006 and the first ever Graham Bradley show was held in Penfield, Illinois at the I & I Tractor Club’s Historic Farm Days show.  If you are wondering what in the world a Graham Bradley is, let me tell you, it was a tractor brand sold through the Sears catalog.  I have dedicated several other stories that give details about this cool tractor that runs like a race horse and has the beauty of an art deco roadster, but for those of you looking for a Midwest show with some fun tractors and great people, look no further!

The show is coming soon, it will be held in Penfield which is not far from Champaign and Rantoul, Illinois.  It is scheduled for July 7-10th and is a chance for people that started out as a group that just enjoyed this neat brand and other Sears sold tractors to get together to discuss, well those tractors, but these days it is more of a family reunion, but open to new relatives!  Over the years we have lost some of our beloved “elders”, but we have seen a marriage and there is a new “Graham Bradley” baby on the way.  We have forged new friendships (there are now around 200 of us)  and seen a tractor purchased for a birthday/Christmas/anniversary.  We are connected through our love of these tractors and now our love of each other although I dare to say the men would not put it quite that way.  They greet one another with a hearty pat on the back or shake of a hand. We women are smarter, we hug, laugh and know that relationships are the bond that glues us all together so we laugh, cry and plot together as women do.

Our group is not a closed one, if you have any interest in Sears sold tractors (Graham Bradley, Bradley, Sears Economy, David Bradley) come our way.  Historic Days big feature this year is J.I. Case and they anticipate over 200 tractors coming to town.

So, join us, back at where it all began!

Historic Farm Days will be held July 7-10, 2016 at the Penfield, Illinois show grounds.  There will be tractor pulls every day, daily entertainment and daily parades.  On Saturday night come out for the sanctioned tractor pull and the Jansen Spark’s show. If you have questions about the the Case show, call Dave Berbaum at (217) 369-1784 and if you have questions about the Graham Bradley and Sears Sold Farm Equipment call Keith Ladage at (217) 971-5917.

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