State Fair Illinois Ag Expo!

The Illinois state Fair is just around the corner.  If you love coming out to the antique tractor exhibit, read on, we have some important information to share.  Every year we try to take one of our Graham Bradley’s to the fair, it is a chance to help share agricultural history, by bringing a variety of brands of tractors to one of Illinois’s premier events.

 For those attending this year’s state fair, be aware that the exhibit for the Antique Agricultural Expo has moved.  Last year Norm Claussen, co-chair of the Expo said they were in the Orr Building, but this year they hope to have their own tent next to the Illinois Department of Agriculture’s  tent located north of the Exposition Building. 

 The Antique Ag Expo is under the  direction of the Illinois State Fair Museum Foundation. “ We are trying to get sponsorship for the tent,” Norm said.  “. We need about $4,000 todo this. We are separate from the Illinois State Fair, we are just the foundation.   We need sponsorship money to put up the tent.  We will still have the exhibit, If we don’t raise the money, but exhibitors won’t be as willing to bring their rare and expensive tractors if they are setting out in the open.” img_4074

Antique tractor have been coming to the fair for close to 15 years now and the group wants to continue to preserve agricultural heritage with this exhibits, but they need a bit of help.  If you are able, consider sending a donation to the Illinois state fair Museum Foundation, tag it to be used for the antique Ag Expo.  Send it to Illinois State Fair Museum Foundation, P.O. Box 8718, Springfield,, IL. 62791. 

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