Barnacopia, the word says it all! Barn and copia meaning abundance or plenty. Gary and his wife, the late Judy Bocker built this beautiful peg barn and filled it with all the things they had collected over the years. The collections tie in with their lives and it is great fun to take a tour with Gary and hear the stories as he progresses from one part of the barn to another.

Barnacopia is filled with an array of arm equipment, cars and collections.
Barnacopia is filled with an array of arm equipment, cars and collections.

This is not a regular “barn” in any sense of the word. The three-story peg barn structure is a lovely beamed building with artistically displayed tools, toys, tractors and classic cars.  In the silo section of the barn are two bedrooms outfitted with a whirlpool tub and on the top silo floor is a library.

We stayed here in late July and loved it.  The ag museum was fascinating we loved the tour but then later enjoyed the opportunity to wander at will. Those that stay can watch a movie, play pool on a JD pool table or just do like we did and just wonder from one cool display to another.  The barn is filled with farm toys, tools and neat, neat equipment.  For Keith, it was like a step back in time to his younger days with the new generation tractors and cars that he and his brothers loved.  It was an era he could recall.

For me, it was a fun getaway in a beautiful place.  With the busy summer, it was so nice to stay somewhere with a view of the countryside.  It rained and we saw an amazing rainbow that seemed to say, “relax, refrain and restore”.

Look for an in depth article in Heritage Iron and a shorter coverage in a Farm World column about his beautiful place.

Barnacopia is a place where Gary and Judy Bocker stored their dreams. The barn is full of the love they shared, their faith in God and the history that agricultural preservation can bring.

For $159 + tax you can get a tour, stay and enjoy the beautiful silo room with a whirlpool tub and great breakfast included.

Barnacopia is located outside of Polo, Illinois.
Barnacopia is located outside of Polo, Illinois.

The morning breakfast is quite amazing and is served on the 1st floor in an area decked out in Coca Cola.  On some mornings Gary comes and joins in.  He did when we were there and enjoyed his company.

If you just want a tour, Barnacopia is open Fri-Sun from 1-5. Tours are $10.00.  You can also call for an appointment. The barn is also rented for events and has been a popular wedding place and meeting place as well!  Call 815-946-2500 or 815-238-1474 for more information or log onto


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  1. Linda Aksomitis

    I love old barns — I took a number of photos in Wisconsin and Minnesota on a road trip this week. This one looks awesome.

    1. Cindy

      It is. It was built in 2011 it is a peg barn and has so many amazing things to see and do. I too love old barns and recently toured Ryan’s Round barn, a lovely one in Illinois.