A Photo Essay of the 39th National Farm Toy Show

The National Farm Toy Show takes place the first weekend in November every year. Keith and I have been going since I can remember. This is usually his first getaway after harvest and he takes his list of what he is looking for to complete farm toy projects he is working on.  This year his list was more for friends than for him although he was looking for a John Deere 20 pedal tractor and found one without much ado.

Part of the fun is outside the show.  On Friday, before the show kicked off in mid-afternoon, there was a lot of trading and selling going on.  Keith and I caught up with Tom Magnuson who was set up with his custom pedals in the custom trailer he finished just right before the show.  In fact, Tom just wrapped up harvest, the trailer and creating a group of around 15 custom pedals to bring to Dyersville. img_9274

While all over town people were checking out toys, late Friday, my attention was at Beckman High school and the farm layouts on display.  I write for Toy Farmer and this year like in year’s past I covered the youth farm layouts.  I am glad I wasn’t a judge, there were some beautiful layouts.  One adult layout with a water wheel and a waterfall was so amazing, it is so real looking


Another cool display one of the youth had included this amazing custom- built barn.  Every year at the show there is something new I haven’t seen before, this year I caught up with Mike and Linda Docter and saw Linda’s latest creation, the tractor ornament.  Last year she started with this idea that the couple built together and they sold out. This year as of Saturday morning, most of the 80 were GONE!


This beautiful barn was part of a farm layout
This beautiful barn was part of a farm layout

While there is some serious trading going on, this show for us is a reprieve and is about having fun.  I caught a glimpse of these “ladies” decked out for Christmas at the antique mall located near the National Farm Toy Museum.  Like me, they are preparing for the holidays and were all about having fun!img_9251

If you missed this year’s show, there is a summer show the first weekend in June, and the National show will roll around next November!





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  1. Sara Broers

    Looks like you had a great time- what a fun show to attend!

    1. Cindy

      It is a great show. This was the 39th year and it just gets better!