Holiday Adventures with Adventure Santa

Adventure Santa was hiding out in the rocking chair in the living room when my grandkids came in looking for him. With his green shirt, red pants and backpack Adventure Santa is on a mission to help families enjoy the holidays and most important of all, spend time together.   img_4659

 I told my five-year old grandson and seven-year old granddaughter that  a new friend, Adventure Santa was waiting for them with a message from Santa for a fun activity to kick off the holiday season.  In Adventure Santa’s backpack was the note telling them he wanted to have holiday adventures with them and saying, “Let’s bake cookies”.   

That’s just what we did.  Adventure Santa posed nearby and my granddaughter even had Adventure Santa help stir the peanut butter cookies.  We had a great afternoon baking and tasting and kicking off the holiday season with a fun-filled activity. Adventure Santa set the mood. 

This plush Santa comes with a note cards for messages and a fun book that explains the story of how the tradition came to be.  The idea for Adventure Santa is the brainchild of Sean and Catherine Green of Eagan, Minnesota.  Parents of two boys, they wanted to create holiday traditions and help others focus on their own family traditions of spending time together and creating fun family holiday memories. img_4663

Some of the ideas offered include cutting down your own Christmas tree, decorating the house, going sledding and making cookies.  The cookie baking is a tradition between my grandchildren and me that we enjoy on a regular basis.  With the Adventure Santa this just switched the activity to a holiday one.   img_4665img_4670

When we get together this coming weekend, I asked the grandkids if they wanted to try another adventure idea from Adventure Santa? They responded with a resounding yes!  This coming Friday, Adventure Santa, Papa and I will create another memorable holiday tradition and will continue to do so throughout the holiday season. 

The Greens Adventure Santa is available for the first time this 2016 holiday season.  The Greens worked together with a toy company to create the plush Adventure Santa doll and they collaborated with children’s author Megan Borger-Spaniol and illustrator Kim Gordon to create their accompanying book.  The Santa, and book also come with the ten note cards that are used to write the message that goes into the backpack. Adventure Santa was just launched on November 12, 2016, and  sells for $29.99.  Adventure Santa is available at 

Get your own Adventure Santa and start making memories of your own.  I got the wonderful opportunity to receive Adventure Santa and review it.  I plan on creating new traditions at our house one message and activity at a time!

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