Groupon Goods makes for a great Black Friday Shopping Experience even if you are traveling!

This is a sponsored post and all opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.

With Christmas knocking at my door, I need to get rolling on my Christmas shopping. As a wife, mom and grandma with a travel habit I find myself often on the road and time for hitting the stores is diminishing.  So what is the best solution I’ve found so far?  It’s Groupon Goods!  Groupon even has a section that I found this morning while looking for Lego sets for my grandson I saw a Groupon section titled “Black Friday Sneek Peak” that is offering up to 80% off. 

As a rule, I like to be finished by Thanksgiving with Christmas shopping except for last-minute buys or stocking stuffer, so finding this on Groupon is a life saver.  There is an orthopedic dog bed that I could get to replace the well-worn one for my 14 year-old Australian Shepherd and I found a purchase I had to get for my grandkids, Moon Shoes! These shoes are mini trampolines that they walk on, I bought them at half the price and I didn’t have to leave my kitchen, wait in line, maneuver them through the store and out to my car.  This fun-filled gift will be delivered right to my door!

I also found something I had never heard of, an Apple I Phone camera lens.  This was so much fun shopping for Christmas and playing Santa for myself.  Finding a lens like this will I hope will help improve the pictures I use in my blog and freelance writing as well.  I have used Groupon for travel deals, but this was the first time I really shopped with Groupon Goods, but it won’t be the last!

I’m always looking for tips while traveling and Groupon Goods offers a great way to find bargains on the road.

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  1. allshops

    When Christmas are so close, we all search for shopping gifts for our loved ones. Your article is very useful in that task.

    1. Cindy

      Thanks, I found it useful for me, I just got my lenses for my camera phone from my Groupon order and look forward to trying them out.