Adventure Santa Strikes again! Holiday fun with this awesome Christmas planner.




On November 13th I introduced my first adventure with my grandchildren and Adventure Santa.  I received this fun toy to review for my blog and have had great fun thinking up activities for me and Adventure Santa to do with the grandkids.

The first time Adventure Santa made his appearance to Cade and Lilly was at my house where his message was to make cookies for our first holiday event.  This evening, when I picked up the grandkids, for some quality time this evening, Adventure Santa was sitting in my grandson’s car seat and the kids were so excited.  “What does the message say?” Lilly, who is 7 and reads like a 3rd grader asked? She took the hand written note out of Adventure Santa’s backpack.

The note said “Let’s go to Christmas on the Square and have some family time!”

The kids cheered and we headed to downtown Pawnee, ate at the local diner that is aptly named “Locals” and at six headed over to the town square for the quaint and quite beautiful Christmas on the Square.  Although the weather had turned brisk, we enjoyed the woman singing Christmas Carols and the kids ran between lighted displays until all focus turned to Santa arriving on the square following the blaring sirens of the fire truck.  Quickly we gathered in line and greeted Santa before heading back to the kid’s house to watch movies and cuddle with popcorn.

This is what Adventure Santa is all about.  He is on a mission to help families enjoy the holidays and most important of all, spend time together.   This plush stuffed Santa has been a real eye opener, making this grandma put down her phone and focus on my two beautiful grandchildren and recapture a bit of the joy of the holiday. “You better look at the TV, not your phone,” Cade who is five and soon to be six told me when I looked to check a message.

He is right, he deserved my full attention, and the phone remained on the table the rest of the evening.   Knowing that Adventure Santa had some plans, the kids felt that fun was authorized and grandma needed to fully participate.  It is good to connect and focus on the joy that Christmas has to offer, because the holidays come and go in a flurry and the kids are only young once, as any grandparent knows!

The idea for Adventure Santa is the brainchild of Sean and Catherine Green of Eagan, Minnesota.  Parents of two boys, they wanted to create holiday traditions and help others focus on their own family traditions of spending time together and creating fun family holiday memories.  We all owe them a note of thanks, Adventure Santa, has made me rack my brain thinking up fun and memorable activities for us to do together. 

Adventure Santa was just launched on November 12, 2016, and sells for $29.99.  Adventure Santa comes with a book telling the story of Adventure Santa and a packet of note cards.  He is available at  

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  1. Sean Green

    Hi Cindy,
    It is so much fun to see how much fun you are having with Adventure Santa! Just so you know we do provide Adventure suggestions if you sign up for our newsletter at We do love seeing families make their own adventures but also want to make it easy for the parents as well. I hope you and your grandkids continue to have fun with Adventure Santa!
    All the best and happy adventuring!


    1. Cindy

      Thanks Sean, I know baking cookies was one of your suggestions that worked for us. Great product and a way to make memories.