Last minute shopping? Check out Groupon Coupons

Disclaimer  – This is a sponsored post and all opinions are my own

Looking into my Christmas snow globe I contemplate just where I am at shopping wise.

Okay, I have most of my shopping done, but there are still some last-minute stocking stuffers I’m looking for, so I’m turning my attention to Groupon, which I used earlier this year for some shopping, but today I found out there is not only Groupon, but Groupon Coupon!

One of my favorite stores that fits all the girls I am buying for is Charming Charlie’s.  I found a cool 10% coupon that I can use when I hit the store in a day or two to wrap up my last-minute list.

This coupon is just right and 10% at a reasonably priced store like Charming Charlie’s will make a great savings.

Just a personal note from online shopping at Groupon, recently I bought something for the grandkids, these moon shoes that I actually mentioned in a previous blog.  When I got them, I realized they were too old for the kids.  I called customer service with questions on how to return them and I must say, it was a very simple and easy process which truly alleviates any misgivings on my part on shopping online.  When they say you can send it back, it is nice to know they mean it.

The second search on Groupon Coupon that I wanted to check out was Angie’s List. This trusted consumer listing is one that I wanted to use to check out a local business that I am contemplating using.  The list I was looking for wasn’t available, however they provided me with several other listings.

Today’s coupons had everything from Cabela to beginning drum lessons!  I’m sure my daughter would be more appreciative of a Cabela gift card for my son-in-law than drum lessons for my grandson!  Oh well, anyway, I have my Charming Charlie’s coupon and I’m ready to roll.

If you, like me, are not quite done, wrap up your shopping with Groupon Coupons and save money while you shop, it’s a win/win for everyone.


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