The Salisbury Boy


The Salisbury Boy

He ran wild in the town of Salisbury
It was the 30’s you know.
He was born in a house in the country
There was so much snow the doctor almost couldn’t go.

I have a piece of wood
From the barn near the house where he was born
My father Bill Disque ran wild
In Salisbury he talked about it like he sailed around Africa’s horn.

It was an adventure
His Grandma Watson loved him so
He lived in many houses
At least he told me so.

One of my fondest memories
Is a drive through this small town
Where he pointed out
And shared how he got around.

He said he picked a watermelon
That really wasn’t his to take
Rode a horse that bucked him off
Told a tale about horsehair in a horse tank.

He ran wild in Salisbury
His early memories sustained him as years went by
And life became more challenging
Requiring him to grow up quickly on the fly.

He was a Salisbury Boy
Happy in a small berg near Lincoln’s New Salem town.
It’s good to know because I loved him so
Those stories help when I get down.

They help me on the days
When I miss him badly still
I remember he was a Salisbury boy
Exerting his strong, strong will.