Guest post on Wonderful activities for children in Sydney

Australia is a place I’ve never been, but have always longed to visit.  Many of the places that Mia Alindogan share in her wonderful guest blog  include places I would love to see. Whether traveling here as a parent or grandparent or just being a kid yourself, enjoy : 5 Educational Attractions to Do With Kids in Sydney by Mia Alindogan!

Whether you are on vacation or live here, Sydney is a great place for family day outs and picnics. The attractions are not only a fun place to be at but also serve an educational purpose. All thanks to the great weather present around the year, every day in Sydney is a great day for a beach outing or museum explorations. We are listing down the top 5 educational attractions that are a must-visit for families.

1.        Cape Solander


If you want to go whale watching in Sydney, Cape Solander is one of the best spots to do so. Humpback whales can be watched migrating to warmer areas in June and July and can be spotted as close as 200m away from the coastline. When taking a – kids can learn a great deal about whales thanks to the tour guides on board.

2.    iFly Indoor Skydiving


Now trending as the most action-packed sport there is, skydiving is becoming a much popular sport among kids of all ages. Since they can’t take part in the sport even if they are of a small age, they can feel the thrill at the iFly Indoor Skydiving complex which guarantees a safe yet excitement-filled ride for skydiving lovers. Let your kid feel like a superhero and learn all there is to know about skydiving as you get to experience it live in a glass flight chamber with big wind generators that help you float in the air by defying all gravitational rules.

3.    Sydney Observatory

Situated in the heart to the Rocks, Sydney Observatory is a heritage-listed building that allows its visitors to explore the earth and beyond in detail and up close. Starting with the Aboriginal Astronomy, the observatory hosts some super cool exhibitions. The visitors can also take guided tours by climbing up the renowned telescope dome and take a closer look at the sky. Not only can you see the stars and planets up-close but you can also witness Nebulae, a star that is many light years away. During the day, you can look at the sun like you have never seen it before by wearing special goggles. It also features a 3D space theatre and planetarium to watch informative documentaries on the history of space and flight.

4.     SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium


Get on board for an underwater journey at the Sea Life Aquarium which houses around 13,000 animals and 7,000 species in 6 million liters of water. The aquarium has 12 uniquely themed zones, such as the Jurassic Seas, Dugong island, Bay of Rays and Great Barrier Reef to name a few. You can watch sharks swim in all glory though the walk-through underwater tunnels. Kids can learn a lot about the different fish species, such as their habitats their way of life.

5.     Museum of Sydney

Built in 1788 for the then governor, Governor Phillips, this modern museum is strategically built on the first government house site. It takes its visitors on a journey which talks about the people of Sydney, its prehistoric traditions, cultures and places that were once considered landmarks. This short yet detailed history lesson allows kids to gain information about their native state, its people and the traditions that died along the way. It has many great statues and artifacts to offer, such as the remains of the first government house, the Edge of the Tree and an award-winning sculpture, to name a few.

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