Remembering Martin Luther King

I can’t say I went to any ceremony or event in the Civil Right Leader’s honor, but I did think about him and his devotion to inclusivity for all.  My grandkids were at the house today.  My little first grader and kindergartener had the day off and while we played and baked at lunch, I asked them what they knew about Dr. King.  My grand daughter, the first grader explained the Rosa Park’s story and Martin Luther King.

My grandson, the kindergartener sang a song about Martin Luther King then said something quite profound that I think we all need to hear.  He summed up Dr. King’s mission with this, “He wanted everyone in the world to get along”.

If only we would think about this simple sentence whether talking about race, politics, family situations or religion, what a difference it would make.  Out of the mouth of babes sometimes comes great wisdom.  Hats off to the local school system for infusing such wisdom in their students.

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  1. Kay Hogan

    Way to go Cade! Love it.