Flea Market Finds – a reflection

I see wheels and pictures
And wonder what machine they ran
And who drove them.

Dishes, crocks, teapots and tools
Flea market find

Yesterday someone’s livelihood
Kitchen talk
And good night stories.

We shop and look and like and love
The new treasures
That we have the perfect place for
Back home

And yet

I wonder who, what, when and where about
The stories behind the finds
The lives lived before

They were flea market finds……

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  1. George Schultz

    Cindy I know and feel the same thoughts when I go to flea markets and auctions.
    I have a deep fascination for the everyday
    Items that were used generations ago to
    Make life easier and somewhat faster even in the slower times of yesteryear.
    I’m always amazed at our ancestors ingenuity and “make do” perspective.
    I loved your article.
    I bet Keith bought something 😊

    1. Cindy

      Thanks! Keith did buy a David Bradley sulkey.