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I traveled to the ocean Key West palms called my name The beauty of the narrow streets The colored houses And the Independence of the island charmed me. This romantic getaway made us feel like children Despite our advanced years! The Florida Flywheelers, Ringling Sarasota mansion And a Cracker museum and animal park Rounded out […]

Spring, a Poem


Tied up hair, Bare legs Sandals and painted toes. Dresses, swirling around the knees and the sound of the bullfrog calling from the creek Twilight fades Soft warm breezes A camp fire in our tire hub The call of children The meow of our cat Twining between our legs Catching us off balance Spring The […]

Flea Market Finds - a reflection

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I see wheels and pictures And wonder what machine they ran And who drove them. Dishes, crocks, teapots and tools Flea market find Today Yesterday someone’s livelihood Kitchen talk And good night stories. We shop and look and like and love The new treasures That we have the perfect place for Back home And yet […]