Mid-America Gateway Toy Show celebrates 36 years.

This year, the Mid-America Gateway Toy Show celebrated 36 years. This iconic show brings visitors from all over. We enjoy seeing friends from way back and making new ones at this event.

To mark the 36 year anniversary during the show auction, hosted by Aumann Auctions, Roy Lee Baker, one of the founders of the show handed out a souvenir from the 1992 show to six of the original vendors. “I gave a souvenir to Deane Fox, Jim Kistler, Jim Hembrough, Niles Sharp, Steve Blunier and Mike Gentzsch.”

The show has been at the Sheraton Westside Chalet now for ten years, and the hotel bought a cake for the celebration. This year’s show was full of mile markers and all I can say is happy 36 and happy 10!

Roy Lee Baker with the cake from the Sheraton.

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