Trying on a new travel persona with Divatress

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Part of the beauty of travel is the getting away from your usual environment.  In a new place we can put on a whole new persona, what fun to try out one of the beautiful human hair wigs from Divatress.  One day I could wear the short-haired Anne wig and be businesslike and demure.  On another day, I could wear the long-haired Rosebud wig and take on a mysterious allure. Look and pick out the look that would suit you at  The benefit of having a beautiful coiffure ready to wear is helpful when traveling to wet, humid climates.  Just don and go!

Divatress provides high quality real human hair for a variety of clients that includes not only travelers, but hair dressers, moms, students and the everyday woman.  One of the benefits of using human hair wigs is that they can be curled, straightened, and blown dry with heat tools just like your own hair. So if I chose a short hair look for my travels, I could vary that look by using hair tools.  Divatress, is a leading beauty e-commerce company that also sells hair care and beauty products as well as wigs. 

Have fun for your next trip to vary your look from day to day, or even place to place. Divatress opens up a wide variety of new looks at a reasonable cost.  The Anne wig I likes is selling currently for $23.95 and the Rosebud one I also checked out is available for $27.95.  This doesn’t cost more than a visit to your hair dresser.  Check out the website and pick out the perfect look just for you.  Try it out and have fun with travel and a new persona!




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