A rolling legacy museum, a tribute to George Shaw

Jerry Shaw with his museum, a tribute to his late father, George Shaw

At this year’s Sublette Toy Show, Jerry Shaw was set up with his rolling display, a literal museum that can go from place to place.  Jerry’s museum is a tribute, a legacy to his father, George Shaw. 

Jerry brought the display, a trailer filled with memorabilia from his father’s trucking business that spanned 50 years to the show.  Visitors wended in and out enjoying the memorabilia, but most of all the story Jerry had to tell about his father who began managing a trucking company then in 1950 bought it.  Without lawyers, on just a handshake, George Shaw purchased a company with $250 down and $250 due the first of the month for 47 consecutive months.  Along with the equipment he even received a grandfathered permit that Jerry said allowed him to haul, “anything, anytime, anywhere”.

Unheard of today, it was interesting to hear about a time when regulations were not so strict and trust was enough to secure a sale.  Jerry’s story is an amazing one of sharing his father’s story with many.  While George did not live to see this rolling display completed, he did see the tractor completed and would go and sit with Jerry at truck shows.

George’s memory lives on in several ways.  Jerry’s display shares his trucking legacy, but Jerry learns about his dad at almost every stop.  “Everywhere I go, someone worked for him or had something hauled by him,” Jerry said.

What a tribute to love someone so much and have such good memories that a son wants to memorialize them in a display.  At Sublette, I saw a tribute of love and it was touching.  May we see many more rolling displays on the road!