Mapping your way while traveling- five tips from the directionless!

My mom, Lori Disque and I just returned from a trip of Northeastern Indiana.  The trip was awesome and I will soon be blogging about our great stops.  With both of us being directionally challenged and adverse to map reading, we tend to rely on navigation tools to get us from point A to point B.  While just putting the address in my Terrain’s navigational tool usually works like butter on toast, this time there were a few glitches, Navvy as I’ll call my temperamental girl didn’t like roundabouts and Indiana has them aplenty.

Our solution was using the I-phone to maneuver around where new highways had been built and for the ever present roundabouts that Navvy just plain ignored.  If I would have thought about it, I would have used Waze.  Beth Elliott showed me this handy APP when we were traveling around Florida, but I didn’t think to use it much to my sorrow now!

Local maps are great in a pinch but having two navigational tools can be a successful combination along with the phone number of the place you are heading to. They can assist with issues like the wonderful hotel we stayed at that was tucked back a ways.  One call and what was clear as mud, became crystal clear.  I know this all sounds like something everyone will know, but just in case these are our tips for other directionless travelers like us!

  1. Make sure you have the right address.
  2. Make sure you have the phone number.
  3. Put the address in your navigation system.
  4. Duplicate the address in your IPhone  (maybe use the WAZE APP).
  5. Local map.  These tools together should help the directionless enjoy travel that they may not otherwise because of the worry of getting lost.  Just remember if you do get lost, there are great things to see on the backroads.  Just keep in mind when traveling that there are different time zones.  Eastern time in Indy always gets me!  Happy travels.

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