Farming – at the Conner Prairie Museum

Prairie Conner Museum is a place to go and learn about nature, but it is also a working farm.  Hannah Kiefer of Conner Prairie explained that they adhere to STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and interact with Indiana history.

As a farmer’s wife, I love anywhere where agricultural preservation is practiced so this was site was a given in my book.  Since we don’t raise animals, I loved the chance to step inside the Animal Encounters barn and learn about some of the rare breeds that are being introduced in Conner Prairie.  I learned that vet students get a chance to work here and train as well. In the agricultural book it states, “Right on our grounds, we conduct industry-leading scientific research and reproductive treatment that helps rare breed animals stand a fighting chance. These animals even help us train and empower young leaders.”

Some of these unusual breeds include the Ossabaw Island Hog, the Arapawa Goat and English Longhorn Cattle.

The outdoor area although not open during our hosted tour looked interesting and one barn had the most interesting wind vane I’ve seen.  There are classes and experiences that visitors can take part in year round.

Farming and education, a way to keep us tethered to the land.

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